Evaluation of educational technologies

NEES acts in the promotion of evidence-based public policies aimed specifically at the evaluation of educational technologies. Since 2017, several projects have been carried out through partnerships with governmental institutions and the tertiary sector.

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Was born as a startup, headquartered in Alagoas and born at UFAL, destined to create adaptive and intelligent educational platforms with the aim of improving teaching and learning quality, as well as students’ performances.

MeuTutor’s trajectory was analyzed in depth by professor Ibsen Mateus Bittencourt Santana Pinto in his P.h.D thesis “Skills in social business: analysis of narratives of the experiences of a group of entrepreneurs in the State of Alagoas” (Competências em negócios sociais: análise de narrativas das experiências de um grupo de empreendedores do Estado de Alagoas). The work won the second place at the “Best Doctorate Thesis in Brazil on Social Finances and Impactful Businesses” (Melhor Tese de Doutorado do Brasil em Finanças Sociais e Negócios de Impacto) in 2018, at the first contest organized by the Instituto Cidadania Empresarial/Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento (ICE/BID).

A summary of the thesis is available for reading, on pages 38 to 70, of this material prepared by the contest’s organization:

The articles below also highlight the initiative’s success: