Who are we?

We are a team of researchers who work to positively impact the entire Brazilian educational ecosystem.

What is our mission?

To transform lives, increase opportunities and learning quality through the promotion of evidence-based digital transformation.

How do we work?

We expand learning results, contributing to the evolution of scientific knowledge in the field of computer in education.

From research to social transformation

Achieving quality, equity, diversity, and to efficiently manag education is only possible with the enhancement of existing technologies within the educational ecosystem. To overcome this challenge, it is necessary to invest in research and the development of innovative technological solutions.

Success Cases

In its beginning, in 2011, NEES emerged from a dream: to positively impact Brazilian education, by decreasing inequality and offering more learning opportunities to the population. Here you may get to know some of our achievements so far.

The four pillars of NEES

With a focus on social innovation and the transforming potential of computers in education, NEES works around four main pillars:

Applied research.

Public policies in education.

Social entrepreneurship.

Education and public communication of science and technology.

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Currently, Alan Pedro da Silva is NEES’s director and Diego Dermeval is NEES’s vice-director